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MyAthens toolbar

Use the MyAthens browser toolbar to get quick and easy access to Athens-enabled resources.

With the toolbar you can quickly:

  • Go to MyAthens - if you’re not logged in, this will display the MyAthens login page. If you are logged in, the list of resources in MyAthens will be displayed.
  • View your account details - displays your personal details.
  • Change your password - enables you to change your password.
  • View help pages – a list of common questions.
  • View a customised resource list - a drop-down list of resources is available after logging in. Selecting one of these will send you directly to the resource.

What our users think

"Athens toolbar - what a genius bit of customisation. Congrats to all involved."

"An excellent extension for any researcher."

"Very important extension for any researcher."

"What a fantastic extension."

"This is a great extension and saves loads of time."

"Recommended. This works really well."

"This is fantastic. If you only get one Firefox extension, get Adblock; but if you use Athens, get this one too."

"Brilliant. It's actually a lot easier to use than the University library link!"