Journalytics Medicine

12 January 2023

Journalytics Medicine is a curated journal search platform helping researchers and institutions discover new publications, evaluate journal quality, and make smart decisions about publishing, funding, and staffing goals. Listings include publication info, submission guidelines, and detailed metrics for thousands of verified journals across 37 medical disciplines. Search by discipline, ISSN, or use our filters to find and compare journals. Metrics include MedSCI heat maps for measuring topic relevancy, scite Smart Citations for comparing citation support (supporting vs disputing), and Altmetric Reports for estimating the amount of attention a journal may receive. Also included are predatory reports—investigative findings for thousands of journals that are unsafe for submission—to help with risk management. Researchers, librarians, and administrators have used Cabells for over 40 years to find the who, what, and where for publications all in one place. Know the journals. Know the risks.