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Our resource hub currently contains key post event content and highlights from the 2023 sessions.

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Session recordings

Case study: Introducing granular usage reporting. COUNTER-level reporting for librarians

In April last year, Elsevier became the first publisher to pilot federated single sign-on powered granular usage reporting with library customers using the COUNTER standard.

This was driven by the growing importance of providing data to inform budgeting decisions and ROI assessments. Watch the discussion on Elsevier’s efforts to provide flexible and extendible COUNTER-level granular usage reporting which can be tailored to different needs while maintaining our commitment to responsible user privacy and security practices.

Better Open Access discovery and access using article level intelligence

The number of Open Access articles available in hybrid journals is increasing. Yet limitations of link-resolvers makes discovering and linking to this content difficult.

This presentation, focusing on the experience NHS England libraries, will discuss how article level-intelligence helps libraries expand collections, improve discovery, and enable better access to Open Access articles in hybrid journals and more.

Case study: Joining forces – Using library technologies to provide seamless access

At Georgetown University Medical Center, it’s imperative that students, faculty, researchers and clinical staff can access information resources quickly and at ‘the point of need’.

In this session Linda Van Keuren at Georgetown University Medical Center, explores her library’s decision to adopt OpenAthens single sign-on and Lean Library. Linda will provide insights into how these systems work together to benefit researchers’ and medical staff’s seamless access to content. She will also explain the overall benefits to librarians in how library resources are being used.

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Vendor and librarian partnerships matter more than ever before

A distinguished former systems librarian, Emily Singley joined Elsevier in the new role of vice president North American library relations in October 2022. With her insider knowledge of what makes librarians tick, she’s building alliances that will improve the library user’s experience (UX). In her keynote at Access Lab 2023 she explained more about the benefits of vendor and librarian partnerships.

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Panel debate: Why consistent user experience is essential for global research

We’re on a mission to remove barriers that stop students and researchers doing their best work. Earlier this year, to start more conversations about this, we published our library user experience report. It discusses difficulties researchers in different parts of the world face when looking for online content. And where better to get some new perspectives than Access Lab 2023, our conference for everyone who wants to improve access to knowledge?

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Top tips for implementing OpenAthens

Formerly an EZproxy user, the Jerry Falwell Library began implementing the OpenAthens federated access solution in December 2021.

In his talk at Access Lab 2023 David Leffler, the university’s discovery and access librarian, told delegates he wanted to make the switch because he knew the library would benefit from better security and the need to do less maintenance.

David covered his top tips for implementing OpenAthens, from using a virtual machine to troubleshooting tools, we have summarized his advice in this blog.

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Best publisher user experience award 2024

Our award for best publisher user experience puts the spotlight on those publishers that strive to put their users at the heart of their service design with the simple aim of giving users easy access to their content.

The award builds on our ongoing commitment to drive forward innovation in the information industry and to make access to knowledge as easy as possible for end users.

The winner will be announced at Access Lab 2024.

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