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OpenAthens works in collaboration with a range of partners worldwide. We are very proud of our global partnerships as they assist us in supporting our customers worldwide.

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EBSCO, Worldwide

EBSCO Information Services are a major reseller of OpenAthens to library customers worldwide. As part of their service to setup and onboard our library customers, EBSCO reach out to resource providers so that patrons can connect to content and services via the OpenAthens Federation.

EBSCO is the leading provider of e-journal, e-book and e-journal package and print subscriptions, e-resource management tools, full-text and secondary databases, and related services for all types of libraries and research organizations. Our software integrates with other EBSCO services such as EBSCO Discovery Service and FOLIO.

Visit EBSCO’s COVID-19 resource hub for help and support.

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TDNet, Worldwide

TDNet are a reseller of OpenAthens to library customers worldwide, with customers in the academic, corporate, government,  healthcare and public library markets. As part of their service to setup and onboard our library customers, TDNet reach out to resource providers so that end users can access content and services via the OpenAthens Federation.

TDNet provide a range of innovative tools and services to help libraries and information centres to effectively discover, access, manage and maintain their electronic resources.


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Lean Library, Worldwide

Lean Library helps the library meet its patrons wherever they are researching, seamlessly delivering library resources, services, and branding through a simple, yet powerful browser extension.

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Third Iron, LLC, Worldwide

Third Iron, LLC is a leading information technology company developing innovative services that benefit libraries and their users. BrowZine, the company’s first product, is used by thousands of researchers from corporations, hospitals and universities around the world.

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FlySheet Med-Informatics, Taiwan

FlySheet is a supplier of high quality academic research resources in Taiwan. Through our partnership, we aim to reach out to healthcare libraries in Taiwan so more researchers and learners can get secure remote access to medical and healthcare information.

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Innowave, Malaysia

Innowave has a strong global network. It prides itself on delivering uncompromised quality online resources for digital libraries, especially educational material, while providing flexibility and customization for its customers.

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TotemGuard, Spain

TotemGuard provide customers in the education and healthcare industries with the tools needed to automate the management, support and protection of their IT resources. TotemGuard helps its customers manage access to IT resources, allowing them to provide better service to their users while reducing operating costs.

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