Secure single sign-on made easy.

We make it simple and easy for you to provide remote access to your resource or service from any location. Our tailored support solutions will help you with complex technical set-up and systems integration.

Our experts and range of value-added consultancy services can help you improve user experience and support your business goals.

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Our service offer for publishers and providers

  • List item tick icon Dedicated implementation specialist. We have over 25 years of federated single sign-on expertise. Our dedicated technical consultant with help you throughout the set up process to make the most of our product.
  • List item tick icon Annual support and maintenance. As standard you’ll receive a dedicated account manager, ITIL accredited service desk, 24/7 incident management, automated product upgrades.
  • List item tick icon OpenAthens publisher account. You’ll have access to our dashboard for configuration
  • List item tick icon Project Management. Your dedicated project manager will help make sure your implementation goes as smoothly as possible.
  • List item tick icon User experience. Our consultant will help you implement industry standards for user login journey and advise on personalization.
  • List item tick icon Go-live testing. We test your authorization system to ensure your website allows access to authorized users. If you migrate from another system, we test your new links before going live.
  • List item tick icon Customer outreach. We work with you to reach out to your customers and help onboard them.
  • List item tick icon Identity federation consultancy. Get maximum scalability from our service. We advise you on how to expand the reach of your application through multiple identity national federations worldwide.
  • List item tick icon Deep linking guidance. We provide guidance and a demo to demonstrate practical implementation of deep linking (article-level access)
  • List item tick icon Entitlements/authorization guidance. We recommend best practices on how to manage authorization in your platform.
  • List item tick icon Wayfinder. Implement our hosted/embedded/overlay organizational discovery (WAYF) service to standardize users login journey. Our service is built to industry standard and can help improve user experience.
  • List item tick icon Staff training. We train your technical and customer service teams to ensure you get the most out of our product.

"We expected it to be complex, and that was a benefit of using the consultancy"

John Leopold, software engineering manager, IOP Publishing
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Open source or fully managed?

Federated single sign-on is a secure and effective way for providers to give library staff and end users seamless, reliable access to content while also preserving their privacy.

If your organization hasn’t taken the plunge yet, what kind of single sign-on solution do you need? An open source, non-proprietary one that you install, host and manage yourselves? Or a managed, cloud-based solution that does the hard work for you?

What kind of single sign-on solution do you need?

How we add value for customers

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Platform and software migration

Platform migration can be a complex process. Our Platform Migration Service offers you a team of experts that will simplify and speed things up by handling the entire set-up and system migration process. Working alongside your team, we do a lot of the technical work for you. This frees up your team to focus on other projects.

Migration support
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User experience health check

Get ahead of your competitors by offering a superior user experience with our health check service. Our report will help you make improvements to your user journey, streamline access to online resources and comply with accessibility regulations.

Time for a health check
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Our new add-on product for publishers

Many publishers struggle to find an in-house solution to enable access to their own resources for internal staff, as well as customers that are not using SAML. OpenAthens bridges this gap, contributing to improving audience engagement, site visits and content exploring.

Discover our new add-on product for publishers
Financial Times

Zero disruption to users as Financial Times migrates to Keystone

As a world-renowned news organisation, the Financial Times (FT) recognizes the importance of keeping its digital users engaged. So, to help streamline access and improve engagement levels among its users in universities and libraries, it offers access via single sign-on (SSO). This case study describes how we supported Financial Times to migrate from an older version of our software to our cloud-based solution, Keystone without any disruption to users.

Read our FT case study
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