OpenAthens Platform Migration

While having a new platform designed is always an exciting process, migrating platforms can be complicated, very work intensive, and if not well handled, disrupting to users.

Our Platform Migration service ensures a seamless user experience for your customers from minute one. Our team of specialists will design a pain-free and non-disruptive migration process tailored for you!

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How can platform migration help you?

Aimed at increasing retention and improving user experience, disruptions and a bad user experience is the least anyone would like to hear about when working on a new platform. This is why we have created a Platform Migration service that gives you peace of mind. 

Our experienced platform migration team will take the steps to ensure a disruption-free transition for your users. We have done this over and over, we know the potential hiccups, so we will hold your hand and take care of the process on your behalf, so you can have your time back to carry on with work without unnecessary worries. 


  1. Time-saving

    Our team will take over the migration process, guiding you through the needed steps and saving you time. We will work closely with you to schedule the best migration plan.

  2. Team of technical specialists

    Our team of specialists will be available when you need it and you will have a main person of contact to avoid any unnecessary steps. We will hold your hand until the migration is completed and make sure the changes are communicated to your customers in the right way.

  3. Training for your staff

    We will provide training to your team, if requested, so they are ready to take over when the process is complete.

  4. Disruption-free process

    Our team of professionals is ready to overcome any complications in what can be a really complex process, and will do their best to make the transition smooth and free from disruptions.

  5. Leaders in the market

    Our unique position between publishers, platform providers and your customers means we can reach out to our mutual customers for you or with you.

  6. Support with communications

    We help with content, communications, FAQ and other information for your website to ensure a simple migration for all.

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The next steps

  1. Pre-agreement  
  2. A Technical consultation meeting  
  3. A collaborative test period 
  4. Outreach support. – We are experts in this field! 
  5. Provide support and training for your support staff  
  6. Go live date support  
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