I am using a proxy, why do I need OpenAthens?

OpenAthens offers federated access along with a managed proxy. The OpenAthens complete solution is unique in the market, combining these technologies to connect librarians to thousands of publishers and service providers.

It offers a seamless user experience regardless of where they start their journey. Our complete solution provides your library with a secure and reliable service, future-proofed for wherever the industry might move.

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What are the benefits of our complete solution?

  1. We are inclusive

    Most institutions use a combination of IP, proxy and SAML. By utilizing these technologies, we can connect you to thousands of publishers

  2. Better user experience

    We are the complete solution, which means we can offer a seamless user experience and better data and support thanks to our federated and proxy access. Regardless of where your users start their journey, they will have a consistent, positive experience

  3. Beyond customer service

    We believe collaboration is the key to success, which is why we work with you to help make sure the complex things become simpler. We tailor our approach to match your needs. 

  4. Customer-centric approach

    With a 92% customer satisfaction rating and service desk support available 20 hours a day, you can trust your library authentication is in safe hands.

Why is federated single sign-on (SSO) is considered to be the future of remote access?

How our complete solution helps remove barriers to knowledge and future-proof the industry
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Useful resources

How we support user experience

Why OpenAthens is the complete solution you need

Our complete solution supports managed proxy and federated authentication, and removes barriers to knowledge with a product thought for those who want to think ahead.

Why OpenAthens is the complete solution you need
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Future-proofing your authentication solution

What can librarians do to make sure library users have reliable, smooth access to the resources they need, whatever the future holds?

Future-proofing your authentication solution
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The complete user experience solution

Today’s students and researchers may visit their academic library’s physical spaces only infrequently, but they need help from its professional staff more than ever.

The complete user experience solution
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