Onboarding for publishers and service providers

This guide is also relevant for publishers and service providers using Shibboleth. If your content is hosted by a platform provider, they will be the best place to help you implement OpenAthens.

Get in touch if you have any questions about the onboarding or what to expect.

Onboarding for publishers at a glance

  1. OpenAthens Keystone setup

    Once you have made the necessary changes to your platform and subscriptions management system you can start the Keystone configuration.

    Discover more about Keystone
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What can you expect from your onboarding experience as a new OpenAthens customer?

Our onboarding customer charter outlines our approach, our support and your role as a customer.

Check out the onboarding customer charter
Access Lab
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Listserv community

Our OpenAthens Listserv connects our customers. Join our global community to share best practices, expertise, ideas, and information, ask questions, gain knowledge, explore opportunities and collaborate with each other!

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Secure single sign-on made easy. For you and your customers

With over 25 years experience, we’re leading experts in federated single sign-on services worldwide. We understand the challenges publishers face in delivering access to data and information to those who need it.


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