Step 5: go live

We will go through a final test with you before completing the OpenAthens Keystone setup. Going live you will need to make sure that Keystone works as expected and, importantly, also make sure your colleagues in other teams are aware of the upcoming change to the platform.

Getting production-ready

Here is a list of things you will need to do.

Our documentation details how to get production-ready with OpenAthens Keystone.


  • List item tick icon Check all the information on the various tabs of your application is production-ready
  • List item tick icon External applications: confirm metadata has been added to your SP
  • List item tick icon Confirm you can access your service with an OpenAthens account from your own domain
  • List item tick icon Re-check compliance
  • List item tick icon Local applications: enable any federations you are a member of in the associated connection
  • List item tick icon Set it as live

Communicate with your colleagues

Support teams

Once you have joined an identity federation your customers will want to use it as an access method. Your support teams will need to know how to set that up for new and existing customers. In the rare cases when something doesn’t work as expected your team will also need to know how to troubleshoot federated access.

Most of our publisher and service provider customers have dedicated second-line support for access. Make sure that person is comfortable with supporting OpenAthens.

Sales and marketing teams

Sales teams interface with customers and will need to know that institutional access using OpenAthens is now available for new and existing customers. 

Go live request

Once you are happy with the setup and changes to the user experience on your platform it is time to request a go-live from the OpenAthens team. We will perform final checks before your platform officially joins the OpenAthens Federation.

There is now just one last step in the process and that is to set up your library customers. 

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