How do I get an OpenAthens account?

Learners or researchers, you will need to speak to the library or information management team at your organization about access to online journals and databases.

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How do I get an OpenAthens account flow diagram.
Flow diagram starts with the first question:
1. Do you have an OpenAthens account?
If you answer yes to question one, you need to contact  your library or your information manager for help.
If you answer no, move to question two.
2. Are you a student, member of a library, a researcher, or a member of the NHS?
If you answer yes to question two, you need to contact  your library or your information manager for help.
If you answer no to question two, but you are a librarian or informational professional with subscriptions to online resources, contact us!
If you answer no to question two, unfortunately we can't help. OpenAthens does not offer individual subscription.

Do you work for the NHS?

If you work for NHS England you can access online resources using your OpenAthens account. To apply for an account, first, check if you are eligible. Then complete the NHS England form. When you have your OpenAthens login details, use this login page to access NHS England resources. Need more help? Contact your NHS England OpenAthens administrator.


If you work for the NHS in other areas of the UK, please contact them specifically about access to online content; Northern IrelandScotland, and Wales.

Register with NHS England
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Need help with end user account troubleshooting?

Are you struggling with account issues? Our troubleshooting page may have the answers.

End user account troubleshooting

E-resource requests

OpenAthens does not supply e-resources/articles. We are an identity and access management system providing single sign-on to organizations that already have digital subscriptions in place. If you are looking for access to a specific journal, you may want to contact the publisher as some may offer an individual-level subscription.

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Are you a librarian or information professional with subscriptions to online resources? Contact us!

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  • Do you have e-journals, databases or e-book subscriptions already set up?
  • How many end-users (e.g. patrons) use your subscriptions?
  • How do you currently manage access to your subscriptions?
  • When are you looking to implement a new access system?
  • Are you happy to purchase OpenAthens via one of our third party resellers?
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