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The cyber security threat landscape is always evolving, and attacks are becoming more prevalent and sophisticated​.

Explore our collection of educational resources designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools to safeguard yourself and your organization from cyber threats. Join us in building a safer, more secure digital future.


How can we combat cyber attacks?

  1. Defend as one

    Work together as one community and help support each other against the threat of cyber crime​.

  2. Awareness and prevention are better than cure

    Participate in and support organization-wide training and skills that are critical to identifying and mitigating against cyber security threats​. New guidance from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Universities UK (UUK) and Jisc explains why prevention is better than cure.

  3. Security by design

    Apply security by design concepts in product development to help protect organizations and users. An example of security by design is the OpenAthens Federation where providers of content and services agree to pass verified and encrypted information to library organizations within the trust fabric of the federation.

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Why customers choose OpenAthens as a trusted authentication solution

There are many library authentication solutions available, and this makes it challenging for librarians to know which one to choose. Librarians need to work within the confines of tight budgets and demanding stakeholders. We have summarized a few of the reasons librarians choose us as a trusted solution in our latest blog.

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How OpenAthens helps protect content from misuse

In this Cyber Security Month webinar, Trust and Identity CTO Neil Scully outlines the security risks to organizations and publishers if access is provided with no limits or controls. Neil goes on to explain how our team monitors misuse and the benefits to customers.

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Useful resources

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Three Ways OpenAthens Delivers Effective Security – While Keeping it Simple for Users

How can OpenAthens deliver effective security, while keeping things unobtrusive for learners and researchers? The simple answer is that we use federated access, which allows users to access resources via single sign-on, within a network of trust. But there are also out-of-the-box features and characteristics of OpenAthens that help deliver security effectively.  

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User privacy and data security

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Back to basics: Security and user privacy

Authentication, authorization, cookies, passwords, security, user privacy… Heard about all these terms but want a better understanding of what they are and how they impact you? Watch our easy-to-follow case study and learn all you need to know about security and user privacy.

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Paywalls and Pandemics: Ensuring seamless remote access and data security

Discover how the University of Melbourne increased active users by nearly 50% during the pandemic, whilst maintaining data security. This case study webinar will also explore the challenges faced and discuss important lessons learned.

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Iowa State University Library

Security audit inspires Iowa State University Library to implement OpenAthens

When the IT team at Iowa State University Library learned that the library had experienced security issues that resulted in a temporary loss of guest users’ access to some publisher resources, both library and IT teams began looking for a more secure, single sign on authentication solution.

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