Secure single sign-on made easy. For you and your customers.

With over 25 years experience, we’re leading experts in federated single sign-on services worldwide. We understand the challenges publishers face in delivering access to data and information to those who need it.

Leave all the tricky technical work to us!

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OpenAthens for publishers and providers

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Expertise you can rely on

We make it simple and easy for you to provide remote access to your resource or service from any location. Our tailored support solutions will help you with complex technical set-up and systems integration.

Our experts and range of value-added consultancy services can help you improve user experience and support your business goals.

Benefit from our technical expertise

"We expected it to be complex, and that was a benefit of using the consultancy."

John Leopold, software engineering manager, IOP Publishing
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Best publisher UX award 2022

Our award for best publisher user experience puts the spotlight on those publishers that strive to put their users at the heart of their service design with the simple aim of giving users easy access to their content. Apply for our 2022 award by 30 November!

Apply by 30 November!
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What’s wrong with proxied resources?

Our resource hub includes educational content that raises awareness of three key issues around IP-based access: security, poor user experience, and lack of personalization.

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Keystone single sign-on

Millions of people can potentially benefit from the digital content you’ve created. Your job is to ensure they have the best user experience in accessing it. OpenAthens Keystone gives your customers simple and secure access to your online services, anytime and anywhere.

If you’re looking for a simple solution to federated single sign-on and want to move away from less secure IP-based access, OpenAthens Keystone provides the perfect solution.

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Wayfinder - IOP Publishing

Wayfinder organizational discovery service

Researchers’ login experience on most publisher sites is very poor. All too often, they are confronted with numerous login options and too many steps to login.

Our organizational discovery service ‘Wayfinder’ makes single sign-on a piece of cake.  Researchers login simply and securely to access the many online resources their organization subscribes to, whilst keeping their privacy intact.

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Global access to your content and services

Our identity federation is the only one in the world that allows membership from any country or sector. Join our 2,600 strong members and expand access to more than 4 million users worldwide in the academic, government, healthcare, pharmaceutical and corporate markets.

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Case studies

Financial Times newspaper

Zero disruption to users as Financial Times migrates to Keystone

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IOP Publishing simplifies and modernises the way it offers federated access to content

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OpenAthens helps leading UK media group open up new UK and international markets

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Search our bank of frequently asked questions to find the answers you need.

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Point Park University implement OpenAthens

Everyone onboard!

Our onboarding guide for publishers and service providers is a great place to start when implementing OpenAthens for federated access to your content and services.

Our easy step-by-step guide walks you through the key actions and information you need to get up and running.

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