Discover our new add-on product for publishers

Many publishers struggle to find an in-house solution to enable access to their own resources for internal staff, as well as customers that are not using SAML authentication. OpenAthens bridges this gap, contributing to improving audience engagement, site visits and content exploring.

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The benefits for publishers

  1. Security

    We provide a cloud-based, outsourced Identity Provider solution with built-in security features, so you can count on more secure authentication for your customers. It helps you prevent unauthorized access and reduce the risk of data breaches. 

  2. Save money

    By outsourcing your customer login experience, you save on the costs of building and maintaining an in-house system. All technical support and maintenance is provided by OpenAthens.

  3. Scalability

    It’s easy to scale up or down, you can adapt to changes in demand from your customer base without investing in additional resources. It’s designed for small and large organizations and includes adaptable features to fit with most bespoke requirements.

  4. Happy users

    Featuring single sign-on, it enables access to your content seamlessly, improving customer user experience and encouraging access.

  5. Increase revenue

    Your customers will be more likely to subscribe or renew due to the easier accessibility they will enjoy.

  6. Peace of mind

    Leave behind the unnecessary worries. Our cloud-based solution adheres to security compliance and requirements.

  7. Convenience

    Your work is done as soon as the internal directories are connected to OpenAthens, and permissions are set. Colleagues and customers will come and go, but only those who remain within the corporate directories will have access. Use existing OpenAthens user directories to control access for individual users.

What is it?

It is an extension to the existing product that enables you to provide simple and secure access for your colleagues and key customers, even if they are not part of the OpenAthens Federation nor use SAML authentication. 

This time-saving resource allows you to connect multiple external institutions and corporates, who all have their own security and privacy policies to adhere to. 

And the best part… It is easy to add this onto your existing OpenAthens subscription.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Publishers short on time to maintain internal access systems to enable internal staff to access content
  • Publishers with a 3rd party platform host who does not set up 1:1 SAML connections on your behalf
  • Publishers with small customers that don’t have SAML 
  • Universities that publish content and also have library users

Would you like more information?

By using our new add-on for publishers, you can easily extend OpenAthens and open the door to your content with control and convenience, benefiting both your own company and your major customers, saving time and resources.

Contact your account manager at for more information. 

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