Promoting the new MyAthens to your library patrons

30 July 2021 | Cintia Trigonopoulos, product marketing executive | Jake Smallridge, product manager

With the migration date for MyAthens fast approaching on 31 August, we know you are probably thinking about how best to roll out its new version to your library patrons to encourage them to use it, as well as preparing them for the changes in functionality and interface.

In this blog, we’ll list a few activities you may want to carry out to effectively communicate to your patrons your library’s migration to the new version of MyAthens.

We're also going to run over the main changes that your patrons will care about, the key features of the new MyAthens, why they should use it, and how to access it.

This should help you with the content in your communications activities to your MyAthens users.

How to let your users know about the new MyAthens

The goal is to inform your patrons and excite them about the benefits of the new MyAthens.

There are many ways you can inform your patrons and stakeholders about the upcoming changes to your MyAthens library portal.

Patron communications could include:

  • Sending an email campaign
  • Using social media
  • Posting on the library portal
  • Blogging on your institution’s website
  • Drop-in help sessions introducing MyAthens
  • Customizing this poster and distributing it

The poster will help you communicate the changes to your users further, and you can personalize the document to match your library’s setup. This document will be useful to send over by email to your users and/ or print out a few copies to leave in your physical library.

Why use MyAthens?

  • A single starting point for research – you can see all resources available to you in one place and will be already automatically signed in to them all
  • Take MyAthens on the go – MyAthens is fully optimized for mobile, working just as well on a smartphone as it does on a laptop
  • A fresh new design makes the product simple and intuitive to use

What’s new?

  • Updated design to make finding resources as easy as possible
  • Fully mobile friendly so MyAthens can be taken on the go
  • More search options to help get to the right content as quickly as possible (if you have enabled them for your users)
  • Video content that makes MyAthens more interactive (if you have added video)

Key features

  • A fully accessible product that works for everyone
  • A single place to see all library resources
  • Sign in once to MyAthens and be signed in to all resources you have access to automatically – no more access denied messages!

How to access MyAthens?

You can sign in to MyAthens using the credentials you would normally use to sign in.  

Bonus tip: as an admin, you can get a Wayfless link on the configuration tab to give to your patrons, which will take them directly to the sign-in page for your institution.

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Hopefully, that gives you the information you need to help promote MyAthens to your patrons and make the switch over to the new MyAthens as smooth as possible.

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Webinar - UCEM: making the most of MyAthens Plus

In this webinar, Lucy Roper, information governance manager at UCEM,  shared how she approached her MyAthens Plus set up, her experience migrating to the new version and how she’s currently using the platform, whilst comparing its functionalities and user experience to the older version.

Our implementation specialist, Sam Neate, also shared his top tips for setting up MyAthens Plus. There was a Q&A at the end of the webinar.

Watch the recording