Librarian learning

A series of webinars about OpenAthens. A guide for our librarians, designed to ensure all our organisations are getting the most out of OpenAthens regardless of their experience.

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Watch our librarian customer webinar series

Episode 001 – basic dashboard customisation

Episode 002 – reporting 1 and schema editor

Episode 003 – reporting 2 and redirector links

Episode 004 – permission sets and sub-organisations

Episode 005 – adding new resources

Episode 006 – using data to promote to users

Episode 007 – local directory connection

Episode 008 – reporting 3

Episode 009 – multiple OpenAthens administrators

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Open up to a less complex life

With over 25 years experience, our single sign-on solution ensures access and authentication are managed simply, securely, and effectively while providing insight and data that supports librarians.

Why OpenAthens for librarians?
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Looking for more information?

Explore our librarian guidance and advice and find help with topics including improving the user journey, tips for using OpenAthens and working with your IT teams.

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