OpenAthens Connect

OpenAthens Connect is the light and refreshed version of our library product. It shares the same concept; to help librarians around the world ensure their students and researchers have secure remote access to digital resources both on and off campus. Through our reporting service, we help them track how those resources are used, allowing librarians to make informed decisions about future subscriptions and renewals.

Connect is now nearly ready… And we need your help! We are looking for libraries willing to test it and benefit from it, in return for 12 months complementary access. Are you in?

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Discover OpenAthens

What is OpenAthens?

What does OpenAthens do and how it can help librarians?

A seamless journey to access knowledge is vital for your library users. OpenAthens makes this possible at any time and any place with secure, single sign-on. It means people can quickly and easily find the information they’re looking for, unlocking the potential to achieve great things.

OpenAthens Lite. International students with laptop

What is OpenAthens Connect?

OpenAthens is a not-for-profit organization helping over 2,900 organizations enable access to hundreds of thousands of resources for over 5 million users across the world. However, we understand that some institutions with limited budgets have greater issues providing their users secure remote access to their digital subscriptions. This is why we have been working to develop a low-cost, easy-to-use single-sign-on service (SSO) aimed at removing these barriers.

The new product is a light and refreshed version of our existing library product. A key difference is that OpenAthens Connect supports a limited number of up to 20 vendor resources from the OpenAthens catalogue, compared with an unlimited number in our standard product.


  1. Resource management

    Easy access to the world’s biggest academic resources

  2. User management

    It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft or Google user directories

  3. Multi-admin

    Add team members to help administer and maintain the service

  4. Reporting

    See which resources are being accessed by your users to help make informed decisions on subscriptions and renewals

  5. Integrated Library portal

    Provides a user-friendly starting point for students and researchers

  6. Save time

    Easy to set up, with minimal admin requirements. Replace the headache of managing multiple usernames and passwords for e-resources

  7. Save money

    Make informed decisions based on actual usage

  8. Better user journey

    Our single sign-on solution allows a seamless journey and quickly get students and researchers to the content they need

  9. Robust and reliable

    Ensures users have secure, reliable access to the knowledge they need

How will this benefit for you

  1. Complimentary access

    You will get a 12-month complimentary access to the product and enjoy all its benefits for your organization, including seamless resource access

  2. Feed into the development

    Help feed into our development process, collaborate with our product managers and shape the next exciting iteration of our OpenAthens library single sign-on service

  3. No headaches

    You can enjoy all these features and waste no time on technical support. It is designed to be easy to use, intuitive, accessible and non-technical

  4. Support

    If you are completely new to Single Sign-On, we can support and advise implementation steps

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What do you need to do?

  • Sign up for a 3-year agreement with one-year complimentary access
  • Have the intention to use the service with real users. You choose; roll out the service to all students or a smaller cohort
  • Agree that your IT team will be involved in the initial set up of the product. It is needed to integrate it with the user directory
  • Take part in periodic research feedback sessions, which will be either online interviews and/or focus groups with the Product team
  • Commit to becoming a reference site for peers. Once we launch the product, we would like to have your help with case studies and other materials that help us market the new OpenAthens product

Get involved in the OpenAthens Connect pilot project!

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