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If you are an end-user:

Please contact your local administrator, their details will be available from the forgotten password page.

If you are an OpenAthens administrator or a publisher in the OpenAthens Federation:

Technical support for the operation of the service is available from our service desk via their support portal. Please sign in with your administrator credentials at https://support.openathens.net/login.jsp.

  • To check the service status, visit http://status.openathens.net/.
  • To resolve problems related to your administrator credentials, send an email to help@openathens.net.
  • To speak to the service desk call: (+44) (0)300 121 0043. Our offices are open Monday-Friday 7:00-22:00 (UK time).

If you want to use OpenAthens at your organisation or are a publisher who wants to join the OpenAthens Federation:

We would be delighted to hear from you. In the first instance drop us a line at contact@openathens.net.

For help and support with


Your licence contact@openathens.net
Terms and Conditions contact@openathens.net
Invoicing contact@openathens.net
Forgotten administrator login help@openathens.net
Operation of your administrator area Support portal
Installing or configuring OpenAthens Support portal