Appointed sub-contractors

The table below provides information regarding the sub-contractors we use from time to time in connection with the performance of the OpenAthens service.

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Sub-contractor Purpose Administrator PII End user PII
Google Cloud Platform The Google Cloud Platform hosts all OpenAthens applications and data stores apart from the Managed Proxy Service. Yes Yes
Digital Ocean Hosts the e-mail service to send system e-mails to administrators (for example account activation e-mails). It stores e-mail addresses temporarily in its logs. Yes Yes
VeloxServ VeloxServ provides hosting for the OpenAthens Managed Proxy Service. The Managed Proxy Service holds IP addresses of organisations in its logs. No No
Atlassian Status Page Provides information on the status of the OpenAthens services and notification of maintenance and incidents. Customers can optionally subscribe to e-mail alerts by providing an e-mail address via the status page. Yes Yes