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Fast, seamless authentication gives library users the keys to the treasure box

30 March 2023 • Lauren Harding, senior marketing officer

TDNet Discover is an essential discovery and content management platform for students and researchers in a host of STEM subjects. OpenAthens’ integration with TDNet means library users can authenticate seamlessly to the platform via single sign-on – for a fast, accurate response to their search queries.

And with OpenAthens single sign-on comes the freedom for library users to work anywhere. Users simply authenticate to TDNet using their institutional credentials in one quick and seamless step. There’s no need to remember multiple passwords and interrupt workflows to log in multiple times. Users can search freely among the library’s licensed resources as well as the institution’s repositories and public open access (OA) content.

It's like putting out a welcome mat and handing researchers the keys to the treasury.

More effective library services

Removing the friction associated with gaining access to high quality digital resources means library users make fewer missteps.

For librarians, it also means less admin and fewer repetitive tasks like resetting forgotten passwords. Even if your library doesn’t yet support Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) it can still benefit from OpenAthens integration with TDNet Discover via OpenAthens API. This enables your library to use the OpenAthens managed directory for a similarly seamless authentication journey.

Whichever option you need, the integration leads to increased use of library resources. It also gives you the tools to track resource usage and create reports that drill down into what individual departments or cost centres are (or aren’t) using. That means you can make evidenced investment choices.

Better user experience

But best of all, library users have a great experience of their library. Not only can they find what they need but they can work more efficiently thanks to TDNet’s personalization tools. For example, they can save searches and annotations in personal folders, receive content recommendations, even set custom alerts so they know when new content is available – the latest edition of a journal, for example. TDNet also offers citation metrics, custom search filters and more, so they can recognize connections between multiple sources and discover new insights.

We designed OpenAthens to integrate seamlessly across multiple library systems and directories, ensuring libraries can offer the best experience to students and researchers.

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