Publishers – Did you know?

29 July 2020 • Jane Charlton, senior marketing manager - community and content

We’ve enhanced our products to make it easier for you to provide seamless user access and greater engagement with your content. We put the user at the very heart of what we do and we also want to make life simpler for you too. Together we can work to provide a better user experience.

We highlight a few things you may not know about our products, publishers – Did you know?

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Our organization discovery service Wayfinder was developed alongside the RA21 initiative to facilitate a seamless user journey to online content and services.

Wayfinder allows users to easily search for their home organization to login using geolocation and a simple search tool. It also remembers users last login choice, making it even easier for them to get access to your content. A user’s search covers all known identity federations your publishing company is a member of.

You can prompt your users to login from any page with the embeddable or overlay versions of Wayfinder. We also provide a hosted version which plays well with most SAML-based access solutions such as Shibboleth.

We help you get users in front of your content faster

Teachers and librarians like to give their students direct links to your content on reading lists. Our single sign-on software Keystone supports wayfless links out of the box. You can also support deep linking by integrating the link with your existing code. Find out more from our documentation site.

Our technology works with your personalization features

Most publishers using federated single sign-on are not using it to its full potential. Users are often only recognized as ‘member of x organization’. Our software offers so much more flexibility – why not make the most of it?

For example, through the use of anonymous attributes eg. targetedID, you can link individual users to your personalization features. This avoids the need to request personal data such as name and email address which can cause you problems if you haven’t got user consent under European data protection rules.

We use the same technology as Google

Our single sign-on software for publishers ‘Keystone’ supports OpenID Connect, which is used by a number of well-known brands such as Google, Microsoft, PayPal and Salesforce. OpenID Connect enables the secure, lightweight authentication of users across websites and apps, making for an easier and much shorter setup.

We chose OpenID Connect because it’s easy to install and works across a wide range of devices, platforms and languages.

Our services run on the best high availability network

Our move to Google Cloud and its Kubernetes managed environment to deploy, update and manage our applications and services also gives you many benefits. It allows us to be more agile and efficient in the way we work, giving you increased service availability with fewer instances of planned maintenance that require applications to be taken out of service.  This means increased reliability, less service disruption and a better user experience for all our customers.

We can connect you to other federations around the world

We’re the only identity federation in the world that accepts participation from any country and sector. We are inclusive, so you can plug in most SAML-based access software that you manage to be part of our community.

If you want to avoid the complexity and expense of running and maintaining SAML software yourself, we can do all the heavy lifting for you with our fully supported single sign-on software, Keystone.

Keystone allows you to manage your connections to other federations you’re already a member of – at a click of a button.