We follow the Jisc complaints procedure for any issues relating to our OpenAthens services.

complaints note pad

Complaints process

  1. Send your complaint by email to
  2. You’ll receive an automatic response with a ticket number as reference.
  3. The complaint manager will conduct an initial analysis and identify a complaint coordinator, they will then agree on roles and responsibilities in handling the complaint.
  4. Our internal complaints team will be notified and you will be updated within 1 working day of logging your complaint.
  5. The complaint coordinator will investigate your complaint and they will implement resolution actions, as well as seeking to determine the cause and if similar problems could or do occur.
  6. The complaint manager will work with the complaint coordinator to ensure all parties are kept informed throughout the complaint process.
  7. Your complaint will be seen through to a resolution. You’ll receive a resolution response within 20 working days.
  8. Preventative and improvement actions will be captured and used to update known risks and to support quality improvements.
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