How OpenAthens helps protect content from misuse

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Cyber Security Month webinar

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About our webinar

Concerned about misuse of online content? Intentional or unintentional mass downloading of data and content causes huge issues for librarians and their IT teams. If you’re still reliant on IP-based access it could result in the publisher cutting off your entire organization until the incident is properly investigated and resolved.

But with federated single sign-on, solutions such as OpenAthens can help your organization identify the individual(s) responsible so only that one account is suspended or shut down.

In this Cyber Security Month webinar, Trust and Identity CTO Neil Scully outlines the security risks to organizations and publishers if access is provided with no limits or controls. Neil will go on to explain how our team monitors misuse and the benefits to customers.


Neil Scully, Trust and Identity CTO, Jisc

Who is it for?

Librarians and their IT teams, licensing managers, providers of online content and services, anyone with an interest in misuse of content.

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