If the issue is only affecting one user, who should have access

  • Then the account does not have the correct attributes or permission set(s) assigned.

They may not have the right permission for that resource

  • Check the user’s access rights and update as necessary.

Users are unable to sign in

  • You can check the user’s activity tab, if there’s nothing there they have not signed in properly.
  • You can use a test user to try and access the resource.
  • If the user is with you watch how they attempt access so you can see what steps they are taking.

Using the wrong sign in information

  • You can reset the user and provide them with a new password.

Identify where the issue is by the error message

  • If the URL in the browser starts with https://login.openathens.net it is an error message from us.
  • If it includes the resource’s name – it is a resource based error message.
  • If the error message is from your organization it will include the name in the URL.

If the resource is one you subscribe to and is not providing the required level of access

  • Contact the publisher or vendor. Have your organization identifier on hand when you make contact.

If it is affecting all users

  • There may be an issue at the publisher or vendor’s end.
  • The permission set(s) do not have the correct attributes assigned to them or the release policy does not release them.

If you are still not getting as far as the resource and are getting an OpenAthens error message

First, check the OpenAthens service status page and if there is nothing there to suggest there is a known problem that is being fixed, then contact our service desk.

Before contacting the service desk please have the following information ready:

  • Example of a username that has failed (do not share passwords)
  • The date and time that username failed (within a few minutes is close enough)
  • The name of the resource you are accessing
  • The URL and text of any error message