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Dedicated customer support in Singapore

27 July 2022 • Jane Charlton, senior marketing manager - community and content

We are pleased to announce the recruitment of new support team members based in Singapore. The move is a direct result of an upsurge in demand for remote access to research materials in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our international customer base has grown significantly in the last decade. This is primarily due to our global reseller partnerships, but also direct customers in a number of countries.

We enable access to knowledge for five million end users worldwide and support more than 2,600 organizations in over 65 countries. One challenge of international customers and partners is their need for local support in their own time zone and language. Lack of localized support reduces the ability to resolve issues in a timely manner and meet their service promise. This can impact on customer trust and sales in new territories.

Growing demand for OpenAthens

We chose to locate our new customer support team in Singapore due to growing demand in the Asia-Pacific region. Our choice of country was mainly due to the ease of setting up an overseas subsidiary there. But also because of Singapore's skilled and technology-driven workforce.


We are investing in team members with local language skills, who can communicate effectively with customers in the Asia-Pacific region. Excellent customer experience remains our top priority.

“Library and provider customers in the Asia-Pacific region are increasingly choosing OpenAthens’ single sign-on software. One of the main drivers for their choice is the quality of our product, and our ability to provide the same high-quality support, wherever customers are based.”

Matt Olive, customer services manager, OpenAthens

Extended opening hours

As part of our focus on international support, OpenAthens extended its service desk opening hours from 13 June 2022. The team are on hand 20 hours a day, Monday to Friday from 02:00 - 22:00 UK time. This represents a 33% increase over current support hours.

“Having an established customer support function in Singapore will really help us to connect with our customers across the Asia-Pacific region.”

Matt Olive, customer services manager, OpenAthens

Working with partners in the region

Our Singapore team will work closely with our UK-based sales and support team and resellers in the Asia-Pacific region.

“We’re thrilled to welcome our new Singapore colleagues into the OpenAthens customer support team. Our goal is to work as one team with regular contact points with our business development manager for Asia-Pacific, and with our global partners who operate in that region. The success of the Singapore team will provide the blueprint for future international growth.”

Matt Olive, customer services manager, OpenAthens

Any library organization looking for a secure, remote access solution is welcome to reach out to us.

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Our support team

We aim to deliver the best possible customer experience. Find out more about the customer support you can expect on from our dedicated support team.

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