Open access resources now on MyAthens Plus

13 December 2021 • Cintia Trigonopoulos, product marketer

Our library-owned information portal, MyAthens Plus, has now integrated with CORE; the world’s largest collection of open access full texts, which are used and referenced by people globally, including researchers, libraries, software developers, funders and many more.

MyAthens Plus' aim is to provide a user-friendly starting point for research and to improve resource discovery for learners and researchers. With that in mind, the CORE discovery service is now available to all MyAthens Plus customers.

The CORE collection features around 26 million free-to-read texts across 147 countries and allows researchers across the globe to ensure their referenced texts and reading is up-to-date. This makes research quick and effective and ensures access to current, relevant sources is possible regardless of the institution or student’s means.

Dr Petr Knoth, Head & Founder of CORE at The Open University, explains:

“A key mission of CORE is to aggregate open access research worldwide and increase its discoverability. By partnering with OpenAthens, we are able to make content from the global network of open access repositories and journals who are CORE data providers more visible to the many users at libraries who use MyAthens Plus. Working with OpenAthens to power MyAthens Plus with CORE is a perfect fit to enable institutions to offer their students the widest research base possible."

Jake Smallridge, senior product manager at OpenAthens explains:

“This MyAthens integration with CORE works as a solution for all students and researchers to access outputs of research quickly, easily and with no cost, which opens material to learners globally. It is a neat solution to discover a range of research papers, theses and grey literature thoroughly and effectively.”

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