OpenAthens wins Platinum in Modern Library Awards 2022

18 January 2022 • Cintia Trigonopoulos, product marketer

We are thrilled to announce that we won a platinum award in LibraryWorks’ eighth annual Modern Library Awards (MLAs)

The Modern Library Awards is a review program designed to recognize elite products and services in the market. It aims to help library management personnel enhance the quality of experience for the library user and increase the performance of their library systems.

Each one of the participating judges had experience with our authentication solution in their organization. They scored our product on a numeric basis from 1-10 on a series of questions regarding quality, functionality, value, customer service and overall satisfaction with our product.

Commenting on OpenAthens’ total score of 9.36 out of 10, our commercial director Jon Bentley stated: “We are delighted to have won another platinum award this year. This is the fourth year in a row that we’re honored by the MLAs and it just goes to show how our efforts to provide easy access to knowledge globally are being recognized by our libraries.”

We provide a simple single sign-on and access management solution for librarians and publishers across a range of organizations and industries. OpenAthens was released in 1995 and has been distributed in over 2,600 libraries globally. OpenAthens can:

  • Deliver access management for publishers, platforms and applications so the millions of OpenAthens end-users across the world – students, researchers, professionals, etc. – can engage with the resources they need
  • Provide simple single sign-on to enable the end-user to access a variety of resources in the same session without having to re-enter their credentials
  • Supply organizations with usage statistics using sophisticated reporting tools to enable libraries to analyse resource engagement and different user groups for budgeting and content licensing purposes.

Jenny Newman, publisher and MLAs program manager said, “It’s hardly a surprise that OpenAthens scored so well. They’ve been at the forefront of the industry since their company entered the market over  25 years ago”.

What the judges said about our product

The feedback from the judges who use our product has been anonymized by Library Works and reflects OpenAthens’ commitment to a customer-centric product and high-quality customer service.

Judge 1:  “The product works very well for us. The customer service representative that worked with the library and IT and our vendors to set up OpenAthens was awesome and extremely patient.”

Judge 2: “The improvement to MyAthens has been well received by myself as a librarian, and certainly by our staff and students. The new modern feel, the ease of navigation, and for me, the opportunity to add panels and make the page tailored to our needs and areas of specialism. The statistical package that sits behind OpenAthens is certainly a 10 and helps with the decision-making process and the customer service is first class.”

Judge 3: “The product is easy to use, does just what we need it to do to provide remote authentication with a single sign-on to our college campus portal, and when we do have questions we receive prompt and helpful answers/assistance.”

Honored four years in a row

Besides winning the platinum award in the MLAs this year, OpenAthens has also received this honor in 2021 and 2019. We were awarded product of the year in 2020.

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