OpenAthens compared

Faster, cheaper and more efficient than doing it yourself, take a look at some of the savings you could make by working with us to implement federated single sign-on.

Two women comparing OpenAthens with similar services
Task Implementing a federated single sign-on solution (non-OpenAthens) Implementing OpenAthens with consultancy support
Create SAML application Up to 1 months 3 – 5 days
Configure and integrate SAML application Up to 3 months 5 – 10 days
Implement and modify authorization Up to 10 months 5 – 10 days
Define and map attribute rules Up to 1 month 2 – 5 days
Add identity federations Up to 3 months 5- 10 days
Provide personalization Up to 3 months
Enable deep linking Up to 3 months 5 – 10 days
Set up Wayfless links Up to 3 months 0.5 days
Test Up to 1 month 0.5 days
Launch and communicate with customers Up to 2 weeks 5 – 10 days
Total time (estimated) 6 months – 2.5 years 2 – 10 weeks
Total cost £25,000 – £150,000

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