University of Rouen Normandy – drive service

07 February 2024

Cloud storage system / Drive service. The Drive service (Seafile) at the University of Rouen Normandy provides members of the academic community with a dedicated storage space to collaborate effectively on academic and professional projects. Users affiliated with the University of Rouen Normandy are provided with a storage quota tailored to their needs, enabling them to securely share files and documents with colleagues and partners. This service is open to the national and international partner universities via eduGAIN. Members of the University of Rouen Normandy community can grant access to their storage space to users from partner institutions, facilitating seamless and efficient collaboration. It is important to note that users external to the University of Rouen Normandy will be subject to a very low default storage quota (16MB) when accessing this service. However, this restriction can be circumvented by collaborating with a member of the University of Rouen Normandy, who will provide access to their storage space. Please note that access to this service is subject to the access policies and security regulations of the University of Rouen Normandy. Users must adhere to acceptable use guidelines for IT resources and ensure the confidentiality and security of shared data.