Reporting API with OpenAthens

So what's it all about?

This new feature allows our librarians to easily extract their OpenAthens patron-usage data into existing data visualization software, such as tableau or power BI, enhancing their capabilities to make data-based decisions for the benefit of their organization

Who can use it?

Any OpenAthens customer can use the reporting API feature!

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Requirements for the API

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About our reporting tools

Our reporting tools help information managers and librarians easily demonstrate the value of the library to internal stakeholders in a visual format. By generating customizable reports on usage and access, our reporting tools help by highlighting relevant data to the institution, showcasing the impact of the library in a clear, concise way.

Data never looked so good

  • Enhanced visual graphics to communicate value with internal stakeholders in a more effective, accessible format.
  • Highly customized reporting allows librarians and information managers to focus on specific data that is relevant to their institution.
  • Integration with other data analytic tools, such as Tableau, for a seamless experience with other systems used within the organization.

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